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2013 releases  

JOE FARRELL QUARTET Joe Farrell Quartet [Release date 29.07.13] HUX140

As an in-demand jazz musician of the 1960s, Joe Farrell recorded with Charles Mingus, Dizzy Reece and Jaki Byard before embarking on his own successful solo career.

Now reissued on CD for the first time, this was Joe Farrell's first LP under his own name and it has subsequently become known amongst jazz aficionados as a classic album.

On this recording, Farrell switches between tenor, soprano, flute, and oboe, while being joined by a notable back-up crew, who were on loan from Miles Davis' group.

Recorded in 1970 Joe Farrell's band here is comprised of John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Dave Holland and Jack De Johnette.

This album is now reissued by Hux Records in a full colour 6 panel digipack, which reproduces the album's original cover artwork.


1. Follow Your Heart (6.50)
2. Collage For Polly (2.30)
3. Circle In The Square (7.05)
4. Molten Glass (5.00)
5. Alter Ego (1.20)
6. Song Of The Wind (5.50)
7. Motion (5.10)

Band line-up
Joe Farrell - Soprano and Tenor Sax / Flute / Oboe
John McLaughlin - Guitar
Chick Corea - Piano
Dave Holland - Bass
Jack De Johnette - Drums

Joe Farrell Quartet


RAY PRICE Welcome To My World: the Love Songs Of Ray Price [Release date 29.07.13] HUX139  

Ray Price is one of the most successful country music artists of all time and has enjoyed chart success spanning over 60 years.

This compilation features the very best of Ray's love songs from the 1960 & 70s, many of which have never been available on CD until now.

These tracks have all been digitally re-mastered from the original studio production tapes.

The accompanying booklet includes photographs, liner notes and complete song lyrics to every track.


1. Welcome To My World
2. I Can't Help It
3. She's Got To Be A Saint
4. But I Was Lying
5. That's What Leaving's About
6. Everything That's Beautiful (Reminds Me Of You)
7. Goin' Away
8. Spanish Eyes
9. I'll Go To A Stranger
10. Black And White Lies
11. Help Me Make It Through The Night
12. You Can't Take It With You
13. Forgive Me Heart
14. Between His Goodbye And My Hello
15. Everything Reminds Me Of You
16. A Need To Be
17. Some Things Never Change
18. Didn't We
19. A Girl I Used To Know
20. Too Many Rivers
21. Drinking Champagne

Ray Price


CARL SMITH The Best Of 1951-1970 [Release date 29.07.13] HUX138  

Carl Smith, known as 'Mr Country', was one of the most popular honky-tonk Country singers of the 1950s, racking up over 30 Top Ten hits during the course of that decade. Throughout the 1960s he continued to have several more hit singles.

This compilation features the very best of Carl's songs from that period, many of which have never been available on CD until now.

The accompanying booklet includes photographs, liner notes and complete song lyrics to every track.


1. In The Back Room Tonight
2. I Love You Because
3. Deep Water
4. Let's Live A Little
5. Back Up Buddy
6. You Are The One
7. Trademark
8. Are You Teasing Me
9. Kisses Never Lie
10. You Better Be Better To Me
11. How I Love Them Old Songs
12. Cut Across Shorty
13. Take My Ring Off Your Finger
14. If Teardrops Were Pennies
15. Loose Talk
16. There She Goes
17. Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way
18. Hey Joe!
19. Why, Why
20. Ten Thousand Drums

Carl Smith


JAMES GRIFFIN Just Like Yesterday: The Solo Anthology 1974-77 [Release date 08.04.13] HUX136

With his soulful 'Southern Rock' voice and fabulous guitar playing, James Griffin was an integral element to the original sound of Bread. Between 1969 & 1972 Bread released five albums of magical music. Although David Gates became the member most widely associated with the band's success, the recipe for Bread relied as much on the songs, vocals and guitar playing of James Griffin.

Tending to provide Bread's albums with quirkier, harder-edged songs, Griffin was nonetheless a master of exquisitely written ballads himself. His two solo LPs of the 1970s - Breakin' Up Is Easy (1974) and James Griffin (1977), the latter released only in Europe – are practically buried treasure for devotees of Bread and the Bread 'sound'. Two songs – 'She Knows' and 'That's All I Need' – include the classic Bread line-up.

This anthology marks the first release anywhere of the second album on CD, and adds two previously unreleased BBC live tracks from a 1974 recording of 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'.

Now reissued with the full approval of the James Griffin Estate and digitally re-mastered from the original studio production tapes, this anthology comes with a 12 page booklet featuring extensive liner notes, photographs and full recording details.


1. Breakin' Up Is Easy
2. Someday
3. Love You Till The Cows Come Home
4. She Knows
5. Father & Son
6. You'll Get Along
7. Lifeline
8. Goin' Back To Boston
9. Only Now
10. Love To Light The Way
11. Laura Lee
12. Hanalei
13. Goin' Back To Tennessee
14. Blood From A Stone
15. How Do You Say Goodbye
16. Treat Her Right
17. That's All I Need
18. My Love Is Mine
19. I Repent
20. Just Like Yesterday
21. She Knows

James Griffin


MAC DAVIS Hard To Be Humble: The Best Of [Release date 08.04.13] HUX135

At his commercial peak in the mid 1970s, Mac Davis was one of America's most popular entertainers. As a superb singer and actor, he found considerable success in both fields.

Throughout the late 1960s and into the 70s, Mac Davis enjoyed massive success both as a singer and as a songwriter. In 1968, Elvis Presley recorded Davis' 'A Little Less Conversation', and soon after, the King was requesting more of his work. After notching a Top 40 hit with Davis' 'Memories', Presley reached the Top Five in 1969 with the songwriter's 'In the Ghetto'. Mac sings the latter two of these hits on this compilation.

As a singer in the 1970s, Mac Davis had a number 1 hit himself in the US singles chart with 'Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me'. He also spent 16 weeks in the UK charts with his witty hit single, 'It's Hard To Be Humble'.

Aside from Elvis Presley, Davis' songs have also been covered by Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Anthony Newley, Bobby Goldsboro and OC Smith. In 2006 Mac Davis was inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

This 'Best Of' compilation has been digitally re-mastered. The accompanying 16 page booklet includes photographs, liner notes and full lyrics to every song.

1. Good Friends and Fireplaces
2. Watching Scotty Grow
3. Stop and Smell The Roses
4. Plain Old Love
5. In The Ghetto
6. Memories
7. If You Add All The Love In The World
8. Burning Thing
9. I Believe In Music
10. Kiss and Make It Better
11. Something's Burning
12. Rock 'n Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
13. I Still Love You (You Still Love Me)
14. Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
15. Whoever Finds This, I Love You
16. Music In My Life
17. Daddy's Little Man
18. Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife
19. Picking Up The Pieces Of My Life
20. One Hell Of A Woman
21. Brand New Lease On Life
22. It's Hard To Be Humble

Mac Davis


THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND Live At Fillmore 1968 [Release date 25.02.13] HUX137

Described as one of the most engaging groups to emerge from the esoteric 1960s, The Incredible String Band was essentially the duo of Mike Heron and Robin Williamson. Their sound was comprised of haunting Celtic folk melodies augmented by a variety of Middle Eastern and Asian instruments.

During the summer of 1968, The Incredible String Band played a remarkable concert at the legendary Fillmore East venue in New York. The concert was recorded by the venue’s sound desk.

This is a 24-bit re-master, approved by the band, taken from that original 1968 concert tape.

The accompanying booklet feature extensive liner notes, including a note from Robin Williamson, recalling his memories of that period.

1. Waltz Of The New Moon
2. You Get Brighter
3. A Very Cellular Song
4. October Song
5. Bell Ringing
6. Pig Went Walking/See All The People/Swift As The Wind/Mercy I Cry City
7. Ducks On A Pond
8. Puppies
9. Chinese White
10. Maya

Incredible String Band


ROY DRUSKY In A New Dimension/ If The Whole World Stopped  [Release date 25.02.13] HUX134 [2 on 1 CD]

As a crooner with a smooth, mellow baritone that led to him being dubbed 'The Perry Como of Country Music', Roy Drusky enjoyed a lengthy recording career, releasing more than thirty albums, mainly in a smooth pop-country style. As a fantastic international ambassador for country music, he touched listeners with his smoothly executed vocals.

Roy Drusky was at his peak, vocally, in the mid-1960s when these two albums were originally recorded and released. Now digitally re-mastered, these two LPs are reissued here on CD together for the first time.

The LP, In 'A New Dimension' found him mixing country songs old and new with current pop favourites, like a dramatic rendition of the Cilla Black hit You're My World and the much-recorded Try To Remember, both of which fit him like a glove. He'd made the country top ten with The World Is Round, whilst Rainbows And Roses was also a hit.

The title track to 'If The Whole World Stopped Lovin' was of course a massive UK pop hit for Irish balladeer Val Doonican.

The accompanying 16 page booklet features full recording details, extensive liner notes and photographs plus full lyrics to every featured track.

In A New Dimension
1. Rainbows And Roses
2. Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me
3. Workin' My Way Up To The Bottom
4. You're My World
5. Today
6. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
7. Unless You Make Him Set You Free
8. Crying Time
9. Try To Remember
10. Unchained Melody
11. The World Is Round
12. You Don't Know Me

If The Whole World Stopped Lovin'
13. If The Whole World Stopped Lovin'
14. Almost Persuaded
15. Look Into My Teardrops
16. The Tip Of My Fingers
17. I'll Be Your Stepping Stone
18. Worst Is Yet To Come
19. Too Many Footprints
20. Too Much Of You
21. Teach Me Little Children
22. When Two Worlds Collide
23. Mr. Jones I Want To Marry Your Wife
24. World I Can't Live In

Roy Drusky


MICKEY JUPP Shampoo, Haircut & Shave [Release date 25.02.13] HUX133

Mickey Jupp was a champion of traditional rock & roll during the late 1970s, at a time when it had been all but discarded. Previously, his band Legend had laid the groundwork for the British Pub Rock movement. Jupp wrote the majority of his own material, which paid homage to 1950s rock n roll and he is often cited as an influence on Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Dr Feelgood and many others.

Shampoo Haircut & Shave, originally issued in 1983, was Mickey Jupp's fifth solo album, appearing as the follow-up to the previous year's highly-regarded Some People Can't Dance.

Produced by Status Quo's Francis Rossi and featuring Mickey's classic band of Ian Duck (guitar), Tex Comer (bass) and Paul Atkinson (drums), this album displays Mickey's trademark Rock n Roll style.

Whilst he's been affectionately described as ‘the white Chuck Berry', Mickey's refusal to be pigeon-holed or stereotyped has perhaps been one of the things that has held his ‘career' in check

This album, now reissued with Mickey's approval, has been digitally remastered and is released here on CD for the first ever time ever.

1. Stormy Monday Lunchtime
2. Orlando FLA
3. In Her Chair
4. B. R. Blues (All Change)
5. More Than Fair
6. Boxes And Tins
7. Don't Go Home
8. Hot Love
9. Reading Glasses
10. Catstye Cam
11. Little Miss America

Mickey Jupp

2012 releases  

ALABAMA My Home’s in Alabama/Feels So Right [Release date 25.09.12] HUX132 [2 on 1 CD]

Alabama was the first country music supergroup. Their total album sales topped 70 million, placing them among the top-five best-selling country music acts of all time; and among the 20 best-selling recording acts of all time in the United States.

These two albums, originally released in 1980 & '81, have now been digitally remastered. The 12 page booklet includes extensive liner notes, band photographs and full lyrics to
every song.

Two tracks featured here - Tennessee River and Why Lady Why - were the band' s first two number one hits, and laid the foundation for what became one of the most impressive popularity runs in country music history.

Alabama retired from the road after a sold-out 2003-2004 Farewell Tour. For more than twenty-five years the four-man band had stood tall as the pre-eminent American country-rock band. Alabama's sales history and list of awards and accomplishments in its 25-year history are staggering. In 2005 they were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, a much deserved accolade for Alabama' s unmatched longevity in the country music marketplace.

1. My Home's In Alabama
2. Hangin' Up My Travelin' Shoes
3. Why Lady Why
4. Getting Over You
5. I Wanna Come Over
6. Tennessee River
7. Some Other Place, Some Other Time
8. Can't Forget About You
9. Get It While It's Hot
10. Keep On Dreamin'
11. Feels So Right
12. Love In The First Degree
13. Burn Georgia Burn
14. Ride The Train
15. Fantasy
16. Hollywood
17. Old Flame
18. Woman Back Home
19. See The Embers, Feel The Flame
20. I'm Stoned


THE KENDALLS Two Heart Harmony/Thank God For The Radio [Release date 25.09.12] HUX131 [2 on 1 CD]

The father and daughter duo of The Kendalls created a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary Country music, sparked by Jeannie' s soaring, sensuous vocals.

Her voice, a high lonesome honky-tonk, has a beautiful range that drips pure emotion. The time is now ripe for the rediscovery of The Kendalls' distinctive sound, with the reissue of these two albums.

Jeannie' s voice is given full-throttle on such classic cheating songs as Teach Me To Cheat and the sensual Take Me To Heaven (Before You Take Me Home).

There' s a fine revival of the country-soul classic The Dark End Of the Street, full of dark irony, heartache and winsome charm. And they take a positive stab at Arthur Crudup' s My Baby Left Me, which is quite different to the Elvis Presley version. And Merle Haggard' s Somewhere Between turns out to be a perfect fit for Jeannie' s voice.

These long forgotten and often overlooked recordings are a stellar example of pure true-to-the-roots country music.

These two LPs, originally released in 1985, have now been re-mastered and are reissued here together on CD for the first time.

1. Two Heart Harmony
2. Four Wheel Drive
3. Somewhere Between
4. I Don't Know Any Better
5. My Baby Left Me
6. If You Break My Heart
7. My Own Sweet Time
8. I'm Still His Life-Long Dream
9. I Never Looked Good In Blue
10. One Good-Bye From Gone
11. Thank God For The Radio
12. That's What I Get For Thinking
13. Take Me To Heaven (Before You Take Me Home)
14. The Dark End Of The Street
15. Movin' Train
16. Teach Me To Cheat
17. If You're Waiting On Me (You' re Backing Up)
18. Cheater's Prayer

The Kendalls

BILL ANDERSON From This Pen / Get While The Gettin's Good  [Release date 21.5.12] HUX130 2 on 1 CD

Bill Anderson is one of the most remarkable artists in country music history.  In the 1960s, he scored nineteen top ten chart entries which included five number one singles, most of which were Anderson originals. Four of these number ones also featured on the American pop charts, notably Anderson's signature song 'Still' (featured here) which peaked at 8 on the Hot 100.

Particularly noted for his hit songwriting, almost every song on this CD was a chart entry either for Anderson or another act. The opening track, 'Saginaw, Michigan', was a #1 hit for country icon Lefty Frizzell.

Anderson has had his songs successfully covered by countless artists, including Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Jim Reeves, Connie Smith and, perhaps surprisingly, Ken Dodd ('Happiness').

These two LPs, originally released in 1965 & '67, are now reissued here together on CD for the first time. The accompanying booklet includes extensive liner notes, photos and full lyrics to every track.
Bill Anderson


TOMPALL AND THE GLASER BROTHERS The Award Winners / Rings And Things [Release date 21.5.12] HUX129 2 on 1 CD

As one of country music's top vocal groups of the 1960s and early 1970s, Tompall And The Glaser Brothers were true mavericks and formed part of the so-called 'Outlaw' scene, along with Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.

The Tompalls were heavily championed by Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins and sang harmonies on Robbins' epic 'Gunfighter Ballads' LPs.

Their hallmark sound was a masterpiece of country-pop production, possessing a rich blend of folk storytelling, country melody and superb three-part harmonies.

Their two classic albums, 'The Award Winners' and 'Rings And Things', were originally released in 1971 & 1972. They have now been digitally re-mastered from the original production tapes and are now reissued here together on CD for the first time.

The accompanying 16 page booklet includes photos, extensive liner notes and full lyrics to every featured track.

Tompall & The Glaser Brothers


DON WILLIAMS Volume One / Volume Two [Release date 30.01.12] HUX128 (2 on 1 CD)

Don Williams is one of the most original and gifted talents in the annals of American country music. During the 1970s, throughout the 1980s, and into the early 1990s, Williams had one of the longest hit streaks ever in country music, including 17 No.1s, and 28 others in the top 10.

For over twenty years, Don Williams was a near fixture on the American country charts, with such songs as You're My Best Friend, Some Broken Hearts Never Mend, Tulsa Time, Good Ole Boys Like Me and the pop-crossover I Believe In You.

But the real starting point of the Don Williams legend was the creation of these two solo albums in 1972-1973.

Now digitally remastered, these two LPs are reissued here on one CD. The accompanying 12 page booklet includes photos, extensive liner notes and full lyrics to every featured track.

It is Williams' ability to write, perform and record songs which have a universal appeal that has made him such a true international star. And in 2010 he was deservedly inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Several of today's Nashville newcomers, such as Josh Turner, Brad Paisley, and Alan Jackson, have all cited Don Williams as being a big influence on their own music.

Don Williams

2011 releases  

DR STRANGELY STRANGE Heavy Petting and other proclivities
Release date:31 October 2011 (HUX127)

This classic slice of psychedelic folk-rock was Dr Strangely Strange’s second album, produced by Joe Boyd and originally released in September 1970.

Now digitally re-mastered from the original stereo production tapes, this great album has now been bolstered by the addition of seven live and studio bonus tracks.

This album, which boasts Roger Dean cover artwork, features one of the first recorded appearances of guitarist Gary Moore (aged 19 at the time).

Record Collector magazine recently nominated this as one of the most collectable progressive rock albums of all time.

This reissue is packaged in a full colour digipack with a 36 page booklet and includes exhaustive liner notes and lots of rare photographs and ephemera. The booklet also includes full lyrics and interviews with the band.

Dr Strangely Strange will be playing at the Jazz Café in London to launch the release of this CD at the end of October.

Sunday Times 'Culture' must-have reissue" 13.11.11

"...a compelling hybrid of fragile folk forms and more muscular rock moves"


WEBB PIERCE Fallen Angel / Cross Country 2on1 CD
Release date: 27th June 2011 (HUX126)

Webb Pierce was one of the most popular honky tonk vocalists of the 1950s, racking up more number 1 hits than similar artists like Hank Williams, Eddy Arnold, Lefty Frizzell and Ernest Tubb.

In the early '50s, every single he released hit the Top 10, with a total of ten reaching the number 1 spot. In fact, Webb's career stands as one of the most successful in the history of country music.

Now reissued on CD for the first time, these two LPs were originally released in the early 1960s, when Pierce was a potent chart force in country music. Included here is 'Drifting Texas Sands', which Bob Dylan selected for the 'Texas' theme of his radio show.

The accompanying booklet includes photographs, liner notes and full lyrics to every featured track.

Webb Pierce


KITTY WELLS Country Hit Parade/ Winner Of Your Heart 2on1 CD
Release date: 27th June 2011(HUX125)

Kitty Wells broke down the doors for female country singers, paving the way for artists like Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn. After a string of hits from the 1950s to the early 1970s, earning her the title 'Queen of Country Music', Kitty Wells was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1974. She later won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement
Award, in 1991.

This '2on1' compilation combines Kitty's first two Decca LPs, originally released in 1956 & 1957 and now reissued on CD together for the first time. Featured here are eight top 10 country hit singles, including the classic, 'It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels'.

The accompanying booklet includes photographs, liner notes and full lyrics to every
featured track.

This timely reissue coincides with the release of Laura Cantrell's new album of Kitty Wells cover versions, 'Kitty Wells Dresses: Songs of the Queen of Country Music'.

Kitty Wells

GENE WATSON Memories To Burn/Starting New Memories 2on1 CD
Release date: 18 April (HUX124)

Gene Watson is one of country music's all-time finest singers and performers, right up there with George Jones, Merle Haggard and Charley Pride as a classic interpreter of traditional country music.

The two albums on this CD were originally released on Epic Records in 1985 and 1986. They have now been re-mastered and are reissued here on CD for the first time.

Upon their original release, each one of these LPs yielded 3 hit singles. 'Cold Summer Day In Georgia', 'Memories To Burn' and 'Carmen' were all hits from
the first LP.

The second LP produced hit singles in 'Bottle Of Tears', 'Everything I Used To Do'
and 'Starting New Memories Today'.

The accompanying 12 page booklet includes extensive liner notes, photographs and complete lyrics to every featured track.

Gene Watson


THE SLITS The John Peel Sessions
Release date: 18 April (HUX123)

The Slits formed in 1976, when 14-year-old Ari Up recruited her friends Tessa, Viv and Palmolive to form a new all-girl punk band, with Ari on vocals.

The following year, they supported The Clash during their UK tour.

Still without a record contract, the Slits then recorded two sessions for John Peel, in 1977 and 1978. Later, after their period with Island Records, they recorded one final Peel session in 1981.

The Slits' BBC sessions have long been celebrated as favourites of John Peel's, and it is easy to hear why. In fact, the band's debut session was always hailed by Peel as "one of our first classic sessions".

These first two sessions explode with vibrant punk energy, aggression and wit. The third session, recorded just months before the band split, also pulsates with colour and life, but points clearly to the direction in which they were heading and the areas they were exploring - dub, funk, free improvisation, African music and hip-hop.

Last year, just a few months before her sad passing, Ari Up granted approval to Hux for the release of the complete Peel session recordings.

This compilation includes all three sessions, plus one previously unreleased bonus track, recorded by the band on a reunion tour in 2006.

This limited edition digipack has a 16 page booklet featuring extensive liner notes and photos.

The Slits

QUINTESSENCE Rebirth Live At Glastonbury 2010
Release date: 28 March 2011 (HUX122)

As one of the great British live groups of the hippy era, Quintessence was the very first band to play at the very first Glastonbury Festival in 1970.

Incredibly, 40 years after that Glastonbury debut, a reborn version of Quintessence was invited back to the festival by event organiser, Michael Eavis.

Fronted for this one night only by original vocalist Shiva Jones, original guitarist Maha Dev’s Quintessence reforge with added horsepower the sound of the British underground.

Mixed from digital multi-track by their legendary Island-era producer John Barham, here are the highlights of that performance along with new studio pieces.

Rebirth is an album to sit proudly alongside their trilogy of 1969-71 Island Records releases.

The 16 page full colour booklet includes extensive liner notes along with reminiscences from Shiva Jones, Maha Dev and John Barham.

Track Listing



Release date: 28 March 2011 (HUX121)

Shiva Jones was the iconic vocalist with Island Records' supergroup Quintessence during their mercurial 1969-72 reign.

Although periodically active in new musical ventures in both Australia and the US during subsequent decades, he made no commercially released recordings and had left the Quintessence repertoire frozen in time.

Then, 35 years later, Shiva recruited some of his favourite musicians, including original Quintessence guitarist Maha Dev and Swiss keyboard wizard Rudra Beauvert, to collaborate on a series of remarkably fresh studio recordings featuring old Quintessence favourites along with some wholly new material.

Here, remastered from the original mixes, and with a track listing personally selected by Shiva, is the very best of these recordings.

The accompanying booklet includes liner notes by Shiva Jones and Rudra Beauvert.

Track Listing

Shiva's Quintessence

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