Deke Leonard

Deke Leonard first came to prominence as the lead guitarist in the legendary Welsh group, Man. He is now into his 4th decade of touring and recording.

During the mid 70s, between stints with Man, Deke formed his own band, Iceberg. They toured extensively throughout Europe and the UK and released two albums; ‘Iceberg' and 'Kamikaze'.

Wireless’ is a compilation of three radio sessions recorded by this band between 1973 & ’78. The first two sessions (tracks 1-7) were recorded for John Peel's radio show in 1973. The third session (tracks 8-11) was recorded for John Peel’s Radio 1 show in 1978.

None of these recordings have ever been released before now.

The 8 page booklet features extensive liner notes by Deke, plus rare photographs.



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  1. A Hard Way To Live
  2. Razorblade & Rattlesnake
  3. Jayhawk Special
  4. Four Corners Of Hell
  5. 7171551
  6. In Search Of Sarah and 26 Horses
  7. Daughter Of The Fireplace
  8. Map Of India
  9. Oh!
  10. Big Hunk Of Love
  11. Dirty Dirty Feeling

Tracks 1-4 recorded for John Peel 14.05.73 and broadcast 24.05.73

Tracks 5-7 recorded for John Peel 26.11.73 and broadcast 20.12.73 

Tracks 8-11 recorded for John Peel 15.02.78 and broadcast 27.02.78


Tracks 1-4 Deke Leonard (guitar, vocals), Brian Breeze (guitar), Paul Burton (bass), Keith Hodge (drums)

Tracks 8-11 Deke Leonard (guitar, vocals), Lincoln Carr (bass), Howard Hughes (piano), Anthony Stone (drums)

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