Ducks Deluxe

Ducks Deluxe was one of the very first of the so called British ‘pub rock’ bands of the early 1970s. Along with their contemporaries, such as the seminal Dr Feelgood, they were an undoubted influence on the English Punk scene, which was right around the corner.

The band was formed in 1972 by guitarist/vocalist Sean Tyla, who recruited an additional guitarist in Martin Belmont, plus Nick Garvey (bass) and Tim Roper (drums). The Ducks perfected a solid brand of rock ‘n’ roll, and played basic American-style blues and boogie with remarkable panache and energy. Their sound was later boosted with the addition of keyboardist, Andy MacMaster.

This compilation features three previously unreleased BBC sessions, all of which were recorded for John Peel's Radio 1 show. Included here are two titles(3 & 6) which have never been released before in any form. These recordings have been mastered from the original BBC transcription tapes (tracks 5-12) and from good quality copies where the original masters were unavailable (tracks 1-4).

After the group disbanded, the ex-Ducks all remained active; Nick Garvey and Andy McMaster formed The Motors, Martin Belmont joined Graham Parker & The Rumour and Sean Tyla formed The Tyla Gang.

These classic archive recordings, which sound as fresh and exciting today as they did in the pre-Punk era, are now finally released with the full agreement of the band.



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1. Fireball [Tyla]
2. Coast To Coast [Tyla/Garvey]
3. Pensecola Blues [Tyla]
4. Bring Back My Packard Car [Tyla]

John Peel Session, recorded 12.6.73 NB These tracks were mastered from 2nd generation copies

Sean Tyla - guitars, vocals
Martin Belmont - guitars, vocals
Nick Garvey - bass, vocals
Tim Roper - drums

5. Fireball [Tyla]
6. Dancing Beat [McMaster]
7. The Cannons Of The Boogie Night [Tyla]
8. It's All Over Now [Womack/Womack]

John Peel Session, recorded 23.4.74

Sean Tyla - guitars, vocals
Martin Belmont - guitars, vocals
Nick Garvey - bass, vocals
Tim Roper - drums
Andy McMaster - keyboards, vocals

9. Paris Nine [Tyla]
10. Jumping In The Fire [Tyla]]
11. Amsterdam Dog [Tyla]
12. Something's Going On [Belmont]

John Peel Session, recorded 20.3.75

Sean Tyla - guitars, vocals
Martin Belmont - guitars, vocals
Mick Groome - bass, vocals
Tim Roper - drums

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