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2004 Releases

PIP PYLE's EQUIP OUT  Instants (HUX062) [Release date 15.11.04]

Pip Pyle was a key figure in the Canterbury Music scene. In fact, as a founder member of Hatfield And the North and National Health, he deserves mention as one of the greatest progressive rock drummers. 

In 1994, his band, Equip' Out, performed a live show in Paris which is now released here for the first time.   This particular line-up (of Pip, Elton Dean, Patrice Meyer & Paul Roger) only ever did a handful of gigs.   

The accompanying 8 page booklet includes a brief note from Pip Pyle, plus rare artist photos.  

Pip Pyle - Instants

NEIL INNES Taking Off & The Innes Book of Records (HUX061) [Release date 15.11.04]

Neil Innes is one of the most important figures in British musical comedy.  He has the rare ability of a side-splitting satirist who can also write perfectly straightforward, catchy pop songs. 

Neil originally found fame in the mid 1960s with The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.  After the demise of the Bonzos, he went on to work with, among others, Eric Idle and Monty Python. 

This CD includes two of his best loved solo albums, released together on one CD for the first time.  The 8 page booklet features extensive liner notes and rare photographs. 

Neil Innes

FAMILY  BBC Radio Volume 2 1971-3 (HUX060) [Release date 27.09.04]

This is the second of two volumes containing Family's previously unreleased BBC Radio 1 sessions.

Covering the period from early 1971 up to mid 1973, these recorded sessions are mastered from the original BBC transcription tapes and feature one of Britain's finest bands playing in the studio, but with an extra edge that is normally only captured at live performances.

Family - BBC Radio Volume 2 1971-73

PSYCHIC WARRIOR Psychic Warrior (HUX059) [Release date 27.09.04]

This is a brand new recording from the formidable free jazz quartet of Alex Maguire, Elton Dean, Fred Baker & Liam Genockey.

Psychic Warrior is the first album from this quartet and the accompanying 8 page booklet includes liner notes by Alex Maguire and rare band photographs.

Psychic Warrior

KOKOMO To Be Cool (HUX058) [Release date 27.09.04]

Kokomo's unique brand of harmony-soaked soul funk music made them one of the most exciting attractions on the burgeoning UK gig circuit of the mid 1970s.

Often compared favourably to The Average White Band, Kokomo were perhaps the most authentic funk band Britain produced during the 1970s.

'To Be Cool', perfectly captures the spirit and flavour of Kokomo. Recorded live in their rehearsal studios before they had signed a record contract, this CD is comprised primarily of previously unreleased tracks, all of which showcase the band's staggering accomplishments as musicians and vocalists.

Kokomo - To Be Cool

FAMILY BBC Radio Volume 1 1968-9 (HUX057) [Release date 28.06.04]

This is the first of two volumes containing Family's previously unreleased BBC Radio 1 sessions. Featured here are several versions of tracks never before available on CD. This includes the only official release of their interpretation of the old blues number, 'I Sing Um The Way I Feel'.

Covering the period from late 1968 up to mid-1969 these recorded sessions are mastered from the original BBC transcription tapes and feature one of Britain's finest bands playing in the studio, but with an extra edge that is normally only captured at live performances.

Family 1968-9

GYPSY The Romany Collection (HUX056) [Release date 28.06.04]

Gypsy were one of the great attractions at the Isle Of Wight 1969 Festival.

A couple of years later, they released their debut eponymous album which drew favourable comparisons with Buffalo Springfield and Moby Grape.

The Romany Collection brings together the long awaited reissue of Gypsy's first album, plus both sides of their debut single and six previously unreleased studio tracks.

This album was compiled with the full co-operation of the band, who provided photographs for the 8 page booklet and assisted with the extensive liner notes.

Gypsy - The Romany Collection

DREAMTIME Cathanger '86 (HUX055) [Release date 28.06.04]

Dreamtime was formed in 1982 as a jazz trio featuring Nick Evans, Gary Curson and Jim LeBaigue. However in the same year it augmented to a quintet with the addition of Jim Dvorak and Roberto Bellatalla.

A couple of years later this sextet was born, when the band augmented yet again with the addition of Keith Tippett on piano.

'Cathanger '86' is chronologically speaking Dreamtime's second album although it is the third to be released, coming after 'Zen Fish' in 1998.

The accompanying 8 page booklet features photographs from the band's own archive and liner notes by trombonist, Nick Evans.

Dreamtime - Cathanger '86

HELP YOURSELF 5 (HUX054) [Release date 28.06.04]

Formed in London in 1969, Help Yourself released four very fine albums which drew heavily on the sound of West Coast outfits like Buffalo Springfield and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

In 1973 they began recording their fifth album. However, these sessions were never completed, the album was never released, and the band split later that year.

That legendary 'lost 5th album' has been highly sought after by collectors ever since.

Appropriately titled '5', it is now released here for the first time. The cover features an original illustration by the legendary Rick Griffin and the booklet includes a liner note from Malcolm Morley.

Help Yourself 5

MICKEY JUPP Live At The BBC (HUX053) [Release date 28.06.04]

In the late 1960s, Mickey Jupp formed Legend - a band which helped lay the groundwork for pub rock. When this group split, Mickey embarked on a solo career, eventually signing to Stiff Records.

This compilation of BBC recordings represents Mickey at his most active during the late 1970s. Included here is the only known recording of the track, 'Wrong Food'.

The booklet includes lengthy liner notes and several rare, previously unpublished photographs.

Mickey Jupp Live At The BBC

FOCUS Live at the BBC (HUX051) [Release date 26.04.04]

Recorded in London on 21st March 1976 by the BBC, this concert includes new material as well as old stage favourites, 'House Of The King' and 'Hocus Pocus'. Fans of Focus will welcome this latest addition to the band's recorded output, newcomers will be able to catch up on the later and less documented period of this band's history.


ELTON DEAN Sea Of Infinity (HUX050) [Release date 26.03.04]

This is the 50th release on the Hux label, but it's our first brand new album (as opposed to a reissue or an unearthed archive recording). Sea Of Infinity was recorded last year and confirms that Dean's playing is as sublime as ever.

Cover design and booklet notes by Elton Dean.

Elton Dean

PENTANGLE The Lost Broadcasts 1968-1972 (HUX049) Double-CD [Release date 26.03.04]

This double CD of Pentangle's BBC recordings is comprised primarily of rare and previously unheard tracks.

Here at last, with previously unreleased songs among classics from all six of their albums, is a representative history of the Pentangle at the BBC.

The accompanying 12 page booklet includes comprehensive liner notes, a full discography of Pentangle's BBC recordings, and several rare photographs.



[Release date 23.02.04]

Gary Boyle formed the jazz-rock band, Isotope, in 1973, recruiting three other stalwarts from the jazz field; Nigel Morris, Brian Miller & Jeff Clyne (ex Nucleus). Gary and Nigel had previously been part of Stomu Yamash'ta's band, East Wind. Prior to that, Gary had worked with Dusty Springfield, Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll.



Isotope/Gary Boyle

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