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2006 Releases  

  BRIDGET ST.JOHN Jumblequeen (HUXO82) [Release date 09.10.06]

Bridget St. John was one of the first acts to be signed to John Peel's Dandelion Record label, in 1969. Bridget went on to record 3 albums for Dandelion (one of which was produced and scored by Pink Floyd collaborator, Ron Geesin. Bridget also contributed some vocals for Kevin Ayers' ‘Shooting At The Moon' album.

In 1974, Bridget signed to Chrysalis Records and released her 4th album, Jumblequeen. This was a great folk-rock album, produced by Leo Lyons of the band Ten Years After. The album includes support from excellent musicians including the folk guitarist Stefan Grossman, Chick Churchill (Ten Years After) and Mike Giles (King Crimson). It also features harmony vocals from Beverley Martin.

Bridget St.John

  EGGS OVER EASY Good 'n' Cheap (HUXO81) [Release date 09.10.06]

Eggs Over Easy are considered by many fans and critics to be a legendary and hugely influential group. They are widely acknowledged as the band which launched the entire British pub-rock scene. A scene which arguably paved the way for Punk Rock.

The all-American ‘Eggs' originally arrived in the U.K in 1970. During their extensive touring, they perfected their signature blend of laid-back country-rock and straight-ahead, driving rock & roll that served as the template for the entire pub-rock movement.

Just before they split, Eggs Over Easy recorded their lone album, Good ‘n' Cheap, in 1972. This album, produced by Link Wray and the Eggs, is now thought of as a classic.


Eggs Over Easy

  CLINT BLACK Killin' Time/Put Yourself In My Shoes '2 on 1'
[Release date 09.10.06]

Clint Black is a Country Music traditionalist from Texas and was one of the first artists to kick-start the mass-market popularity of Country in the 1990s.

This CD pairs Clint Black's classic debut LP, Killin' Time, with its impressive follow-up, Put Yourself In My Shoes.

Clint Black

  GRIMMS Sleepers  (HUXO79) [Release date 17.07.06]

The Grimms third and final album, 'Sleepers', was originally released in 1976 and is now reissued here on CD for the first time. This disc has been digitally reproduced from the original master tapes and includes eleven previously un-issued bonus tracks, all of which are taken from the original LP recording sessions.

The bonus tracks include the first ever recording of the Neil Innes/Rutles tune, 'I Must Be In Love'. Another bonus track, 'Mouth', is notable for being the only song ever fully composed and sung by Roger McGough.

The accompanying 16 page CD booklet includes original LP artwork, rare group photographs and extensive liner notes, including interviews with the band members.



NUCLEUS Hemispheres (HUXO78)  [Release date 17.07.06]

There can be little more exciting or rewarding than listening to a band playing live and firing on all cylinders at the absolute peak of its powers, and the live performances presented here by Nucleus are no exception.

They capture the group in arguably its finest incarnation right at the start of its long career, exhibiting a staggeringly high level of musical discipline matched by an equally impressive ability to improvise and solo.

The performances on this CD were recorded live in Europe in 1970 & 1971 and draw on material that was to be found on the band's first two LPs, 'Elastic Rock' & 'We'll Talk About It Later'. At the time 'Elastic Rock' attracted comparisons with Miles Davis's work of the period such as In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew, which incorporated rock influences, but the Nucleus album was actually was recorded ahead of these works and Carr has always been keen to distance the band from these comparisons.

The accompanying full colour 12 page CD booklet includes rare group photographs and extensive liner notes, including interviews with the band members.


BAREFOOT JERRY Keys To The Country / Barefootin' ‘2 on 1' (HUXO77)  [Release date 29.05.06)]

The Nashville country rock group, Barefoot Jerry, evolved out of Area Code 615, after that band had dissolved in 1970. 

Barefoot Jerry released several acclaimed albums between 1971 & 1977, all of which featured an ever-changing line-up of top Nashville musicians. Guitarist Wayne Moss remained the one constant member, (having previously played with Brenda Lee's backing band in the early '60s and later featuring on Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde).

The band's final two albums now appear together on this CD, which has been digitally reproduced from the original master tapes. The accompanying 12 page CD booklet features full lyrics to every track, plus reproductions of the sleeve artwork from both original LPs.

Barefoot Jerry

CONNIE SMITH Connie Smith/ Connie Country (HUXO76)
[Release date 27 March 2006]

Connie Smith's first two LPs were originally released in 1965 and are now reissued here together on one CD for the first time. Her debut album, included on this CD, was recently given a 5 star rating by ‘All Music Guide', who said the LP “features her blowing through the Nashville Sound production like a down-home Streisand fronting The Lennon Sisters”

This new CD includes Connie's debut single, ‘Once a Day', which hit the top of the Country charts, reigning as number one for eight weeks. Smith's follow-up, ‘Then and Only Then', also featured here, reached number 4 in the charts.

Connie Smith became a member of the ‘Grand Ole Opry' in 1965. She continues to perform with the Opry and in 1998 returned with her first LP in many years.

This ‘2 on 1' CD includes the original artwork and sleeve notes from both original LPs, along with rare photographs and new, updated liner notes.

Connie Smith

SKID ROW Live And On Song (HUXO75) [Release date 27 March 2006]

Skid Row was formed in Ireland in 1967 by bassist & songwriter Brush Shiels. The band also featured Phil Lynott on vocals, the 17 year old Gary Moore on guitar and Noel Bridgeman on drums.

Phil Lynott left after recording the band's debut single, and went on to form Thin Lizzy. The band continued as a trio, with Gary Moore, Brush Shiels & Noel Bridgeman. Eventually, Gary Moore also left, and went on to become one of rock music's most acclaimed guitarists.

Skid Row recorded two ultra-rare singles in 1969. These were only ever released in Ireland, on the independent ‘Song Records' label. Phil Lynott was the vocalist on the A side of that first single. It is his earliest and rarest recording. The B side was sung by Gary Moore, who also handled vocal duties on the A side of the second single.

All 4 sides of both singles are now released here on CD for the first time. Also included on this CD is the group's powerful live show, recorded in London by the BBC in 1971. This recording captured the band at the peak of their improvisational powers as a concert act.


Skid Row


[Release date 27 March 2006]

Robyn Hitchcock has the lyrical vision of a latter-day Syd Barrett and is one of England's most enduring contemporary singer/songwriters and live performers. 

'This Is The BBC' was compiled by Robyn himself and features the best of his BBC radio sessions, recorded between 1995 & 1999. 

This compilation features unreleased versions of many favourite Hitchcock originals, along with Robyn's unique interpretations of Bob Dylan's 'It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry' and the traditional folk tune, 'Polly On The Shore'.

The accompanying 12 page full colour booklet includes photos and paintings by Robyn, song lyrics and an original Robyn Hitchcock poem.

Robyn Hitchcock

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