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2007 Releases  

HAROLD McNAIR The Fence (HUX095) [Release date 26.11.07]

Jamaican born Harold McNair was one of the unsung heroes of the second generation of British modernists. His Parkeresque alto, Rollins-influenced tenor and truly unique flute playing astounded the London jazz scene in the early 1960s.

McNair's 1970 LP, 'The Fence', has always been a much sought after rarity amongst collectors. Now digitally re-mastered, this reissue features liner notes and period photographs by Val Wilmer.


Harold McNair

JOHN MARTYN The Battle Of Medway July 17 1973 (HUX090)
[Release date 19.11.07]

For John Martyn, 1973, when this concert was recorded, was a year of serious transition, both musically and in terms of moving once and for all away from the folk club scene and into the college and concert circuit.

'The Battle Of Medway', released with the full approval of John Martyn, captures him in blistering form, on one of his last ever solo acoustic folk club gigs.


John Martyn

  WIZZ JONES Lucky The Man (HUX094) [Release date 27.08.07]

Wizz Jones is regularly cited as an early influence by the likes of Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards, amongst many others. He was also a crucial mentor to 1960s folk-blues royalty like Bert Jansch, John Renbourn and Ralph McTell. More recently, he's frequently name checked as an icon by younger artists, including Thurston Moore & Stephen Malkmus.

Originally released as a very limited pressing on an independent American label in 2001, ‘Lucky The Man' is still Wizz's most recent studio album. This digitally re-mastered reissue is enhanced by the addition of 5 bonus tracks, all selected by Wizz himself. The final bonus cut, ‘Sugar For Sugar', is a previously unreleased duet with Wizz's hero, Ramblin' Jack Elliott.

The 12 page CD booklet includes extensive liner notes, personal comments from Wizz on each of the bonus tracks, plus several rare photographs from Wizz's own archive.

Wizz Jones

THE RUMOUR MAX (HUX093) [Release date 27.08.07]

When The Rumour formed in 1975, they were looked on as a type of ‘Pub Rock Supergroup', as they featured several veterans from that scene. Bob Andrews (keyboards/vocals) and Brinsley Schwarz (guitar/vocals) were previously with the legendary band, Brinsley Schwarz.

Martin Belmont (guitar/vocals) came from Ducks Deluxe, and Steve Goulding (drums/vocals) and Andrew Bodnar (bass) from Bontemps Roulez.

Though perhaps best remembered as the backing band for Graham Parker during his late ‘70s heyday, The Rumour actually released 3 albums under their own name, between 1977 &1980. They also worked extensively as a house band for Stiff Records, and backed Elvis Costello on ‘Watching the Detectives'.

The Rumour's debut album, MAX, produced by Mutt Lange, is now reissued here on CD for the first time. The band's loose, jamming style flits comfortably between roots rock, country, pop & reggae and the album still sounds incredibly fresh today, 30 years after it was recorded.

The Rumour

[Release date 18.06.07]

We are proud to announce news of this previously unreleased album by Dr Strangely Strange, dating from their classic period, 1969/70.

Halcyon Days will contain the following archive tracks (mostly produced by Joe Boyd) which were recently discovered in the Island vaults;

Cock-a doodle-doo - Sweet Red Rape - Existence Now - Good Evening Mr Woods - Going to Poulaphouca - Mirror Mirror - Horse of a Different Hue
Lady of the Glen - HMS Avenger - Cock-a-doodle-doo (‘Kip of the Serenes' version)

As bonus tracks, the CD will include 3 new songs, recorded last year in 'Kip' acoustic style; Le Le Rockin' Sound, The Invisible Kid & Halcyon Days.

THE PETER IVERS BAND Knight of the Blue Communion (HUX088) [Release date 05.06.07]

Many music fans will know Peter Ivers as the writer of 'In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)', which he originally composed for David Lynch's classic film, Eraserhead. The song was later immortalised, of course, by fellow Bostonians, the Pixies.

On its original release in 1969, Knight of the Blue Communion drew comparisons with Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa, with Yolanda Bavan appearing to be the conventional vocalist cast in what was often a sea of avant-garde madness, the music a blend of blues, rock & jazz. The LP was produced by the veteran US pop producer Sandy Linzer, who had written and produced the hit 'Let's Hang On To What We Got'.

This special 'digi-pack' format features a reproduction of the original LP sleeve. The accompanying 20 page CD booklet features extensive liner notes, including interviews with the featured singers and musicians, along with the original LP liner note by Peter Ivers, full lyrics to every track and rare photos.

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND Across The Airwaves BBC Radio Recordings 1969-1974 (HUX087) Double CD [Release date 05.06.07]

The Incredible String Band was arguably one of the most engaging groups to emerge from the esoteric 1960s. Basically the duo of Mike Heron and Robin Williamson, their sound was comprised of haunting Celtic folk melodies augmented by a variety of Middle Eastern and Asian instruments.

The Incredible String Band adopted an adventurous approach to their BBC radio sessions, using them to try out new, non-album material or radically rearrange older songs, encompassing a remarkable variety of instrumentation and genres.

This double CD contains 13 previously unreleased recordings and has been compiled and released with the full co-operation of the band.

The accompanying 24 page booklet includes rare photographs, comprehensive liner notes and a full BBC sessionography, plus an additional note from Mike Heron and lyrics to several of the featured songs.

"An absolutely indispensable record from the wealth of ISB session material that survives… there are some genuine masterpieces"
Record Collector (4 stars)


Incredible String Band

TOM T HALL We All Got Together And… / The Storyteller (Hux091)
[Release date 28.05.07]

Tom T. Hall is known as a classic Country Music singer/songwriter, with a keen eye for detail and a knack for narrative. The composer of 11 #1 hits, he has written songs for dozens of country stars, including Johnny Cash, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings & Alan Jackson.

Very early on in his career, Hall picked up the sobriquet of the Storyteller, and the title “The Storyteller” was used for one of two albums that Mercury released in 1972, the other being “We All Got Together And…”. Both of these albums registered on the upper reaches of the country music chart in 1972.

Over the following decades, Tom T Hall went on to release several more great albums. But it is his work in the 1970s for which Hall will always be remembered, and it doesn't come any better than the two albums presented here on this CD.

Now digitally re-mastered, these two exemplary albums are now reissued together on one CD for the first time. Included here is the Country #1 song, ‘Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine', considered by many fans to be Hall's finest recording.


Tom T Hall

PENTANGLE One More Road & Live 1994 (Hux 089)
[Release date 28.05.07]

Recently honoured for Lifetime Achievement at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, the legendary status of the original Pentangle is beyond question.

Less known, though, are the great albums made by the reconstituted Pentangle between 1984-94.

Built around original members Jacqui McShee and Bert Jansch, with guitarist Peter Kirtley, drummer Gerry Conway, and Nigel Portman Smith on bass, the group created a magical sound all of their own.

This double CD brings together the highlights from this Pentangle line-up; Their final studio album, the epic ‘One More Road', with their swansong, ‘Live 1994'. These discs capture the band performing old favourites and overlooked gems with a fantastic new energy.

Both CDs have been digitally re-mastered and are now reissued together on CD for the first time, with the full agreement of the band.

The accompanying 20 page booklet features extensive liner notes, including interviews with the band, plus an additional note by Jacqui McShee, lyrics to many of the featured tracks and rare band photos.


  DUCKS DELUXE The John Peel Sessions (HUXO86)
[Release date 26.02.07]

Ducks Deluxe was one of the very first of the so called British ‘pub rock' bands of the early 1970s. Along with their contemporaries, such as the seminal Dr Feelgood, they were an undoubted influence on the English Punk scene, which was right around the corner.

This compilation features three previously unreleased BBC sessions, all of which were recorded for John Peel's Radio 1 show. Included here are two tracks (3 & 6) which have never been released before in any form. These tracks have been mastered from the original BBC transcription tapes (tracks 5-12) and from good quality copies where the original masters were unavailable (tracks 1-4).

These classic archive recordings, which sound as fresh and exciting today as they did in the pre-Punk era, are now finally released with the full agreement of the band.

Ducks Deluxe

RICK WAKEMAN Live At The BBC (HUXO85) [Release date 26.02.07]

Following his departure from Yes, Rick Wakeman launched his very successful solo career, and went on to release several albums which achieved millions of sales.

Released here by full agreement with Rick Wakeman, this double CD features two 1976 BBC recordings from Rick and his band, The English Rock Ensemble.

Disc 1 showcases a previously unreleased BBC Radio 1 ‘In Concert' performance from London's Hammersmith Odeon. This includes an extended version of ‘Catherine Howard', which will be of particular interest to fans & collectors as this track, complete with extended guitar solo, has never appeared on an official live recording before now.

Disc 2 contains the complete ‘Old Grey Whistle Test' TV recording. Only part of this concert was originally broadcast by the BBC.

The 16 page CD booklet includes extensive liner notes, including comments from Rick, plus full recording details, and rare period photographs.

Rick Wakeman

  SOFT MOUNTAIN Soft Mountain (HUXO84) [Release date 30.01.07]

Legendary Soft Machine veterans Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper joined forces in 2003 with wildly creative keyboardist/composer Hoppy Kamiyama and master drummer, Yoshida Tatsuya to create Soft Mountain. Their debut recording is now released here for the first time.

Elton Dean & Hugh Hopper are well known amongst jazz rock fans. In addition to forming half of the ‘classic' Soft Machine line-up (with Robert Wyatt & Mike Ratledge) they have also worked with Brotherhood of Breath, Keith Tippett & Long John Baldry's Bluesology (Dean) and Stomu Yamashta, Kevin Ayers & Isotope (Hopper).

This limited edition digi-pack features a liner note from Hugh Hopper.

Soft Mountain

  MATCHING MOLE On The Radio (HUXO83) [Release date 30.01.07]

Robert Wyatt formed Matching Mole in 1972, shortly after he left Soft Machine and just before launching his solo career. Matching Mole bore some similarities to his later work with Soft Machine. In fact, Wyatt came up with the name 'Matching Mole' as a subtle pun on the French translation of 'Soft Machine' - 'machine molle'.

'On The Radio' is a compilation of rare BBC recordings, including 3 John Peel studio sessions and a live concert. The band includes Dave Sinclair (ex Caravan), Phil Miller (Hatfield & The North and National Health), Bill MacCormick and Dave MacRae

This special 'digi-pack' format features an original cover photograph by Robert Wyatt, who also compiled the running order. The accompanying 12 page CD booklet features extensive liner notes by Matching Mole bassist, Bill MacCormick, plus rare period photo's and comprehensive recording details.

Matching Mole

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